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  • Vocation, Co-Creation, Social Synergy & the 2020 Campaign with Barbara Marx Hubbard
Notable Speakers:
Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author, Success Coach
Dr. Eben Alexander
Academic neurosurgeon, author of New York Times bestsellers Proof of Heaven and Map of Heaven
don Miguel Ruiz
Internationally Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Medical Doctor
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Co-Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Andrew Harvey
Founder of Institute for Sacred Activism
Dr. Sue Morter
Founder of Morter Institute
Rinaldo S. Brutoco
Founding President and CEO of World Business Academy
Dr. Anita L. Sanchez
Founder Sanchez Tennis & Associates, Trainer, Speaker, Author on Leadership & Organization Transformation
Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury
Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Leading Emissary for Culture of Peace
Anodea Judith
MA Clinical Psychology, PhD. Mind-Body Medicine
H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji
Inter-faith Leader, President and Spiritual Head of the Parmarth Niketan, Founder and Co-Founder of Ganga Action Power
Patricia Albere
Founder of the Evolutionary Collective
Tim Kelley
Global change agent, author of True Purpose and founder of the True Purpose Institute
Natalie Alexia
Founder/Creator - Love is the True Black Movement
Azim Khamisa
Author, Speaker, Peace Activist
Marcia Wieder
Founder The Meaning Institute, Founder & CEO Dream University
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
President of the Divine Shakti Foundation, Secretary-General of Global Interfaith WASH Alliance
Dot Maver
President, National Peace Academy, USA; Executive Director, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

We've all had moments of experiencing “Heaven on Earth,” times when our lives are infused with such beauty, love, generosity and grace that we feel deeply fulfilled — even transcendent.

With these moments, we tap into our soul’s wisdom of what’s possible... a thriving global family, united in a peaceful, sustainable civilization.

We call this our “New Story,” but it’s really humanity’s oldest dream — to create a world that truly works for all.

But how can we have Heaven on Earth, on any scale, while humans are trafficked and enslaved? While children die every day from preventable diseases and starvation? While some corporations squander the world’s resources and pollute our ecosystems?

If you feel hopeless, helpless or confused about what you can do to contribute to real, lasting transformation for a world where EVERYONE can flourish, you’re not alone.

The Co-Creating Heaven on Earth series is here to bring hope — to equip and empower you by providing practical ways to move toward fulfilling this bold, beautiful dream of a planet that works for all.

Some of the most innovative luminaries of our time are offering essential insights and practices for creating a true Heaven on Earth — internally, relationally, and as a global family.

You’ll also discover practical, game-changing strategies for how we can extend the basic foundations for a thriving life for ALL of Earth's citizens.

The speakers in this series are united in the belief that Heaven on Earth IS possible. And that we can eradicate the worst sufferings in human history through co-creating a global civilization that we can be proud of — one that honors our inherent connection and expresses our greatest potential.

We can make this dream our reality. It takes evolving both our consciousness AND our society — and eliminating some of the most egregious forms of suffering around the planet.

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LIVING to Create Heaven

This yearning for "Heaven on Earth" exists because we no longer want to think of Heaven as something we’re waiting to experience once we die, but instead as something we are both LIVING and CREATING, here and now.

Heaven on Earth is not a definitive statement of beliefs, but rather a creative inquiry that allows us to access our divinity in unique ways.

It’s a state of being that expresses higher dimensions of our consciousness as well as a practical templates for living.

It is a call for personal enlightenment AND social engagement that is constructive, positive and forward-looking.

Join this potentially life-changing gathering to experience practical strategies for actively engaging humanity’s full potential — and acting as stewards for this new paradigm for society.

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Heaven on Earth is for EVERYONE

Heaven on Earth is not something that we’re defining in a precise way, because it’s a co-creation between all of us... including YOU!

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth is for anyone and everyone who knows in their heart and soul that a better way of living is possible for our wondrous planet and its beautiful inhabitants.

Whether you’re new to sharing your world-changing dreams with others, or you’ve been deeply immersed in spiritual or activist circles facilitating shifts for decades, the visionary and practical presenters in this series share on eye-opening (and heart-opening!) subjects that can deeply transform your life — and the lives of all future generations.

With this groundbreaking series, we explore:

  • A powerful new story that’s being unleashed for all of humanity
  • What Heaven on Earth means for each of us, personally
  • Insights for ending some of the worst kinds of suffering in your community & around the globe
  • Inspiring true stories of courageous people who are actualizing Heaven on Earth
  • Paradigm-shifting strategies for transforming societies
  • Techniques for accessing higher dimensions of consciousness
  • How to identify and then make your unique personal &
    planetary contributions
  • Practices for experiencing Heaven on Earth in your life & in
    your relationships
  • Effective ways to meet challenges with inspired action
  • Your role in co-creating a world that works for all

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